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Braintrust Weekly Update

David Song
13 November 2023

It’s been another busy week at Braintrust. We’ve shipped some user experience improvements and fixes this week to make it easier for you to build reliable AI apps:

We added function calling to our playground

Added OpenAI function calling in the prompt

Many developers have been asking us to support OpenAI’s function calling in our prompt playground. We added it this week. Just click “Add tools” in your prompt to get started experimenting with OpenAI functions.

Release notes:

  • Made experiment column resized widths persistent
  • Fixed our libraries including Autoevals to work with OpenAI’s new libraries
  • Added support for function calling and tools in our prompt playground
  • Added tabs on a project page for Datasets, Experiments, etc.

Braintrust is the enterprise-grade stack for building AI products. From evaluations, to prompt playground, to data management, we take uncertainty and tedium out of incorporating AI into your business.

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